Anyone You Can Do… I Can Do Better! Episode 2 English Uncensored


Yusuke includes a problem – the sort of problem any guy would love to have. The thing is that, there’s this girl named Reina, who aspires him to be her “private tutor”… oh, and she just ends up having gigantic breasts. Huge, massive, watermelon-sized gazongas that taste sweet and are as soft as marshmallows.So, what could Yusuke’s problem often be? Well, as he visits Reina`s house to provide her “lessons”, he’s a run-in with Reina’s mom. And boy, is her mom ever stacked. Those triple-F-cup beauties are even bigger Reina’s! Plus, she`s got the full “sexual mid-life crisis” taking place… she pours it on hot and heavy, and incredibly wants Yusuke to adopt her for the ride.Still not seeing the issue? Well each of these lovely ladies wants Yusuke on her own, then when mom catches Yusuke and Reina during this process, your struggle is on -and Yusuke`s trapped in the middle! Those two could possibly be mother and daughter, but with regards to winning Yusuke, they’ll go to any length to show their sexual skill!Good luck ladies, and may the very best boobs win!Year: 2004
Release date: 2004
Genre: Female Students, Gigantic Breasts, Housewives
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: Subtitles
English name: Anyone You Can Do… I Can Do Better!
Original name: Explosive Bust Mother and Daughter,폭유모랑,爆乳母娘
Director: N/A
Studio: Blue Gale, Digital Works, Y.O.U.C, Critical Mass

Series: Anyone You Can Do… I Can Do Better!
Date: July 13, 2021

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