Beat Angel Escalayer – Episode 2 Subbed


Kouenji Sayuka is definitely an Escalayer, a guardian android made to protect the entire world insurance firms sex. But when some lesbian action together with her assistant Madoka isn’t doing the secret, it’s clear Sayuka needs a little extra help. Preferably involving dick. Year: 2002 Release date: 2002 Source: Vn Game Genre: Futanari, Mahou Shoujo, Sci-Fi, Androids, Female Students Quality: WEB-720PX language: Subtitles English name: Beat Angel Escalayer / Chou Esukareiyer / Choukou Tenshi Escalayer Original name: 超昂天使エスカレイヤー Director: Ikka Tsuchishida Studio: Pink Pineapple

Series: Beat Angel Escalayer –
Date: July 13, 2021

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