Chiisana Tsubomi no Sono Oku ni… Episode 4


A mysterious and ephemeral beautiful girl reappears on the latest work of the “gail fee / NUR
” label!
The fourth installment of “In the back of a small bud …” that depicts the predatory nature of men and women who are insanely disturbed and seek each other!
The hero who has a relationship with her neighbor’s single mother who was yelled at by a sudden momentum.
However, he fell into a perverted masochism with his daughter, the innocent mysterious beautiful girl “Future”.
Yuki, who was dating him until just before.
Frightened by her bloody reunion with him, she unknowingly becomes a comforting thing for men at some office.
She pierces a hole that can be used both above and below violently, is blamed, poured, and is dyed cloudy and becomes a shabby figure.
What she sees is that he, who should have been lying bloody, is pushing up hard to devour the future again!
The crazy and fierce greedy love of men and women unfolds at the height of confusion.
The small hole of a beautiful girl swallows a thick young stick deeply and panting with a woman’s face!
The bewitching lewdness of a beautiful girl who showed shame.
The ephemeral and mysterious “shame of dripping” that a mysterious beautiful girl fascinates!
An obscene gem that moisturizes ripe and immature women!
Beautiful girl x ephemeral x immorality = taste ○○○!
Please enjoy the mysterious, ephemeral and innocent beautiful girl’s “maiden’s sword”!

Series: Chiisana Tsubomi no Sono Oku ni…
Date: May 31, 2022

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