Cool Devices Episode 3


Welcome to a series the likes of which you’ve never seen before! Strong stories, highly charged with erotic content are all presented without Japan’s export censorship – as they were intended to be seen.

They do not follow a single story. They break all the rules. They are Cool Devices. They aren’t for kids, but they might be for you if you have the guts. Welcome to a new world… and be sure to wash your hands when you’re done.

Episodes 1-3

An innocent young woman gives into her darkest desires as she is seduced into the world of bondage and S&M… A voyeuristic young man longs for the sweet caress of his beautiful sister who masturbates before his hidden cameras… A very naughty kitty and one very slutty bunny are about to be punished for their forbidden passions… Slicing up a new swimsuit leads to a steamy time at the local pool… Over-studying leads to a serious need for some sexual relief in the school’s bathroom…

Series: Cool Devices
Date: March 8, 2023

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