Enjo Kouhai Episode 4 Subbed


The teachers who help with the three elves, Iris and Aegis, and the dragon Ursula, were worried about having children with them every day.
I’m not good as a teacher.
An invitation from Iris comes under him who is in trouble.
“Teacher? Would you please come to my room this weekend?”
He jumped into his room and saw the iris in a racy swimsuit.
They were trying to entertain him so that the number of “helps” would not be reduced.
Their teachers, who are important students, are upset by the situation of the innocent girl.
His softness stroking the whole body and the pretty pant voice echoing in his ears, his reason is on the verge of collapse.
Ursula, Aegis, and even the iris revealed their obscene instinct …
Year: 2020 Year.
Release date: 2020/04/24
Source: Manga
Genre: Big tits, Oral sex, Monster girl. Elf, Harem
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: Subbed
English name: ** Kouhai / Enjo Kouhai
Original name: ○○交配 第四話 淫らな彼女たちは俺の教え子
Director: HB
Studio: Majin

Series: Enjo Kouhai
Date: March 8, 2023

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