Eroriman: Junjou Meikko o Loveho ni Tsurekonde Yaritai Houdai Episode 2


The JK series is newly added to the coquttish doll of the “Petit” label!
The second release of “JK and Eroryman” released by Blue Gale, which has been animated with new characters, is now available!
The uncle stick who squeezed the virginity of the innocent niece Mifuyu-chan is a toy that is extremely obedient and obedient to further drive the deflowering high-handed young lady Rika-san into the school!
The high-handed lady is on the verge of falling into the cloudiness that squeezes her complaints into her mouth without fear!
Furthermore, this work that you can fully enjoy the toilet squirrel and JK beautiful girls to molester ○○ in a packed elevator!
The punishment squirrel between an innocent girl and a bully girl is a cute and juicy gem that seems to be unpleasant to the obscene of the JKx uncle stick that is a safe standard!
Your crotch is also dyed in uniform with a devil stick that makes erotic cute beautiful girls fall into a squirrel with the animation of the familiar series original!An innocent niece, a high-ranking lady whose smartphone was hurt by Mifuyu, Katsuya who is punished by lightly hesitating the beauty station that Rika plots, and Rika who
is not frightened by Namiki’s complaint, in an atmosphere that seems to hit Mifuyu with a grudge. Katsuya who gets into the school just as he drives in . It is Rika who is drawn to the fear
of a thick vibe to present in front of Rika by listening to the feeling of use for students and on the monitor of the company’s product,
but there was no way to refuse it
… This rotten outer road crap, it’s not a niece Katsuya thinks that he must thoroughly break his noble pride
while being pushed up and complaining desperately.

Series: Eroriman: Junjou Meikko o Loveho ni Tsurekonde Yaritai Houdai
Date: June 16, 2022

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