J* Genkai Koubi: Goui Sounyuu de Bachibachi Niku Anaka Episode 2


Takumi was troubled by her childhood friend Maki’s body pressing against her chest for some reason.
She is often teased because from the outside they look like lovers.
Takumi immediately denies it, though Maki is not bad at it.
Maki’s act is said to be revenge. In the past, Takumi teased Maki, who had small breasts.
But Maki continued to take her dairy products, which made her huge breasts.
It is said that enjoying her reaction with excessive physical contact that presses her breasts is her old revenge.
When Maki hears that, she gets hurt.
Reflecting on her exaggeration, Takumi treats Maki to her favorite milk and bread.
Her perky Maki begins to provoke Takumi with poses that emphasize her breasts.
Maki puts a paper carton of milk in her cleavage to show off her tricks that she doesn’t deal with.
Includes “Chichi no Chi Hare” from the original “JK Marginal Copulation-Consensus Insertion Bachibachi Meat Hole-”
J〇限界交尾 ~合意挿入でバチバチ肉穴化~ 第2話 チチのチ晴れ

Series: J* Genkai Koubi: Goui Sounyuu de Bachibachi Niku Anaka
Date: September 10, 2022

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