Korashime 2: Kyouikuteki Depaga Shidou Episode 1


Animation studio Pro has announced a hentai anime adaptation of the visual novel “Korashime 2 ~Kyouikuteki Depaga Shidou~” from Blue Gale Studio. The release is scheduled for the end of September 2022. The main character of the story works as a deputy manager in the “Saikosi Department Store”, which boasts an exceptional and very long history. Behind the scenes of external perfectionism, scandals and intrigues are slowly beginning to unfold. A group of unknown persons decides to get rid of one of the employees and spreads dirty rumors about her, which quickly reach our hero. He decides to personally investigate the situation and punish the culprits, because the reputation of the store and the senior manager personally is at stake.
懲らしめ2~狂育的デパガ指導~ 蔑みデパガ・彩子~ガラス張りの棒刺~

Series: Korashime 2: Kyouikuteki Depaga Shidou
Date: October 2, 2022

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