Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa… Episode 1


White Bear Studio announced a hentai anime adaptation of “Natsuyasumi Are no Kanojo wa… ~Chara Gonomi no Kuro Gyaru Bitch ni~” of the manga of the same name Pin-Point (Mon-petit). Hentai is due to be released in mid-summer 2022. This is a typical NTR story, of which a huge number have already been filmed.The main character of the story is Nishida-kun, an ardent otaku who is simply obsessed with anime and manga and is in a film circle. During the summer holidays, a sexy girl named Kaede Amakawa joins the circle and our hero immediately falls in love with her. They quickly get closer and Nishida begins to hover in the clouds. He offers Kaeda some kind of plan to create super memorable memories that they will never be able to forget. But, as you understand, everything did not go according to plan and at the end of the semester Kaede became a sex toy of the local lovelace Matsuoko-kun, whom until recently she could not stand…夏休み明けの彼女は… 前編

Series: Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa…
Date: July 9, 2022

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